Brought Forth by the Bounty of the Ottawa Valley

Share our passion for food and drink in a fun, rustic, social restaurant environment. A place where guests are led into uncharted wilderness on the mighty Ottawa River and through an unforgettable dining experience. 

Our restaurant & menus are inspired by the Whitewater Region and the community we are part of; from the team we hire to the food we make, it’s the expression of the Ottawa Valley we want to represent.

We focus on quality food made with fresh ingredients served in a stylish, comfortable and casual environment - where The energy of the river flows through through your entire experience.



(613) 646-2241 x250



Wilderness Tours Resort
503 Rafting Rd
Foresters Falls, ON
K0J1C0, Canada


Closed until June 1st

MON-THU 7am–11pm
FRI 7am–1am
SAT 6am–2am
SUN 6am–11pm


Rafters is the beating heart of the Ottawa River. With live acoustic music every night, and weekend events that verge on legendary, there's always a good reason to come visit.   

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We deliver Whitewater Beer

We deliver Whitewater Beer

Reservations & Delivery

1.888.723.8669 x250